FinOps live with Aquin systems

Source: Aquin

FinOps, the young Swiss financial services provider, now offers MidOffice services to asset managers, portfolio managers, hedge-fund managers, fund managers and pension funds.

MidOffice services comprise order and transaction management, controlling, fund administration, risk management and reporting. FinOps customers can outsource activities in these areas to the insourcer so that they can focus more closely on their core areas of competence. Many potential FinOps customers would like to work together with an independent specialist who offers this broad array of services. FinOps has found and aims to bridge this gap in the market. The business idea is based on an efficient and as highly automated transaction processing as possible without any loss of flexibility or data. That's why FinOps has opted for Aquin systems, the expert for specialized software for investment management. Thanks to the Aquin infrastructure, FinOps is able to cover the entire value-added chain from the investment decision right on up to reporting.

Complete infrastructure in just six months

In addition to great value for money, the main reason for the decision in favor of Aquin in March this year was the strength of the Frankfurt-based software provider on the Swiss market. In concrete terms, the MIG21, ORS and DVS systems are used, whereby MIG21 provides for the administration and monitoring of all the legal and contractual investment guidelines. ORS, the order management system, controls all order processes from order input to trading right on up to the settlement in the fund accounting. Thanks to the seamless integration of ORS with MIG21, FinOps is able to simulate orders and their effects and to check legal and contractual investment restrictions in high quality ex-ante. The DVS data warehouse provides an adequate, flexibly configurable and expandable database. DVS enables the processing of special reporting requirements. In addition, it supplies ORS and MIG21 with quality-controlled, consistent data and information, making it possible to execute automated order management, make ex-ante and ex-post checks of legal and contractual investment limits and to execute controlling and reporting efficiently and in high quality. DVS is also connected to the Megos fund accounting system via a flexible standard interface.

Because the FinOps customer base is extremely varied, outsourcing service providers profit in particular from the flexibility and free configurability of the Aquin products. Individual rules can be added easily to the expandable data model. In addition, the system can accommodate multiple clients and allows the flexible use of new financial instruments.

"The Aquin products are pivotal for our business model," explained Stefan Lorbe, head of operations at FinOps AG. "It was very positive that the Aquin consultants already had experience with the integration of the fund accounting program that we use. Everything was done very professionally - the infrastructure was ready to go after four months and after another two months, we had our first customer on this platform, Kraus Partner Investment Solutions AG."

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