Wombat launches entitlements system

Source: Wombat Financial Software

Wombat Financial Software, the market data technology experts, today announced the launch of its entitlements application and open entitlements library, dubbed DART Entitlements.

The system is currently installed with two leading European investment banks and two major hedge funds in the US.

DART Entitlements provides clients with the ability to control user access to exchange fee-liable data and its redistribution by financial applications. It allows users of exchange feeds to ensure compliance with regards to both vendor and exchange data contracts, enabling end-users access to only the data they are permitted to use. In addition to active entitlements control, DART Entitlements provides full reporting and audit facilities and the ability to identify unused or underused market data services.

The Open Entitlements library extends these benefits. Developers of applications can readily enforce compliance with regards to data redistribution while also offering the facility to monitor usage of market data by downstream consumers.

Wombat co-operated with four major North American and European exchanges during the development of the product. The resulting application is fully web enabled and provides a comprehensive set of exchange related reports.

Joe Veneziano, the Managing Director of JCV Investment Systems which is an independent exchange audit firm, conducted a review of the system and concluded that, "DART Entitlements provides a solid entitlement system for B-Pipe / BPOD, direct exchange feeds, as well as entitlements for databases. Companies will now have an 'out-of-the-box' entitlement solution for their ticker plants as well as their algorithmic and trading servers. Client compliance groups will be pleased to see a tamper-proof system that has intuitive and comprehensive reporting tools."

"Our mission was to create a fully open control system that would satisfy the requirements of vendors, exchanges and customers," commented Stuart Harvey, Wombat's VP Entitlements Division. "This first release of DART Entitlements provides clients with the control necessary to avoid hefty fines for non-compliance. It's an intuitive weeb application that fits easily into a bank's administrative processes. We consider that another of its strengths is that it is a fully open application that can be used to control systems other than Wombat in the trading room."

The system is released with support for Wombat's 100+ direct exchange and aggregated vendor feeds including its aggregated order book product, SuperBook. Wombat will provide ongoing services in relation to mapping information products available and integrating these with client billing systems.

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