ITG makes Dark Algorithm available for Canadian equities

Source: Investment Technology Group

Investment Technology Group (NYSE: ITG), a leading provider of technology-based equity trading services and transaction research, today announced that the ITG Dark Algorithm is now available for Canadian equities.

The ITG Dark Algorithm provides Canadian dealers and clients trading Canadian stocks with access to Canadian dark liquidity pools and those trading interlisted stocks with access to both US and Canadian dark pools without information leakage.

A client looking to trade large blocks of stock can use the ITG Dark Algorithm to aggregate multiple alternative liquidity destinations in Canada and the US, including MATCH Now. Once clients decide which liquidity pools they want to access, the ITG Dark Algorithm will route their orders, maximizing executions at the midpoint or better and simplifying the execution process. In addition, shares sent to the ITG Dark Algorithm are never displayed in the market.

"The introduction of the ITG Dark Algorithm for Canadian equities reflects the ongoing evolution of electronic trading in the Canadian marketplace," said Nick Thadaney, CEO of ITG Canada Corp. "ITG is focused on providing clients with sophisticated tools to help them navigate the Canadian and US marketplaces seamlessly and trade more efficiently."

The ITG Dark Algorithm in Canada, like the US version, allows users to dynamically adjust their level of participation, depending on their degree of urgency. In addition, clients can seamlessly route to ITG's POSIT suite in the US.

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