Aleri and OILspace in energy trading tie-up

Source: Aleri

Aleri, the leading provider of enterprise-class complex event processing (CEP) technology, and OILspace, a leading provider of real-time, on-demand energy supply chain, risk, and trade management applications, today announced that they have entered into a partnership.

The partnership enables the fast integration of OILspace's OILwatch, an online energy portal, and OILspace's Aspect TradeFlo, an "out-of-the-box" online trade management software, with Aleri's CEP technology. Integrating Aleri's CEP technology with OILspace's proprietary products will provide customers and prospects with the added value of real-time analysis and automated decisions using real-time and historical data.

"Other trading markets take advantage of, and have experienced the benefits of real-time analysis combining real-time and historical data," said Don DeLoach, President and CEO of Aleri. "By partnering with OILspace, together we will provide the first CEP applications specifically designed for the energy trading industry in order to provide more timely and accurate analysis and forecasting."

Oil trading by nature has been a tumultuous and risky market. By integrating Aleri's CEP technology, traders will be able to make better, more timely decisions trading energy commodities to improve profitability and better manage risk. CEP will enable oil traders to aggregate, analyze and correlate real-time and historical data from multiple sources, to improve operations in many areas. The rapid deployment and flexibility that Aleri provides enables trading companies to quickly react to market fluctuations, automating their proprietary knowledge and processes for a competitive edge.

OILwatch, which is already widely used by energy traders, oil companies, brokerage houses, and financial institutions globally on desktops, mobile PDAs and BlackBerry devices, combined with Aleri enables real-time analysis anytime, anywhere.

Aspect TradeFlo is a ground-breaking simplified trade management solution for small trading and brokerage groups and individual traders. It delivers needed position keeping tools for a fraction of the cost of enterprise trading systems and can be implemented in just a few days via the Web. Integrating Aleri's CEP platform with Tradeflo will enable clients to quickly and easily customize trade flow around their proprietary trading knowledge and practices.

"We are constantly looking to develop our technology in ways that better manage the trading, risk and financial operations of our clients," said Steve Hughes, OILspace President and CEO. "Partnering with an experienced and proven CEP provider like Aleri will allow us to provide our customers with a value-added solution that allows them to analyze and respond instantly to high-volume, high-speed data to minimize risk and increase competitive advantage."

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