Day Software expands SAP integration

Source: Day Software

Day Software (SWX:DAYN, OTCQX:DYIHY), a leading provider of global content management and content infrastructure software, today announced it has expanded its SAP integration capabilities to include support for SAP NetWeaver Portal 6.0.

Day has previously supported SAP R/3 integration through the use of BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) connectors, and RFCs (Remote Function Calls). With Day's support of SAP NetWeaver Portal, companies will now be able to easily integrate key business content and functionality into their SAP NetWeaver Portal environment using Day's out-of-the-box portlets.

SAP NetWeaver Portal is a platform that allows companies to create composite business applications. As the foundation for an enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA), the world's leading businesses trust SAP NetWeaver to provide an open, flexible and adaptable application.

Day's extended capabilities provide out-of-the-box portlets, allowing managed content that is dynamically associated with the SAP NetWeaver Portal, to be displayed through iViews. Presentation capabilities are supported through the use of iViews, themes and external facing portals. Integration into portal navigation and TREX search is also available. Day extends the value of managed content through multi-language support, inter-portlet communication, content sharing and personalization. Support for LDAP and Single Sign-On enables seamless integration into the portal framework.

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