Skyler opens London office

Source: Skyler Technology

Skyler Technology, an innovator in providing ultra low latency trading solutions, is proud to announce the expansion of Skyler into the European markets with the opening of the London, UK office.

Former VP of Business Development at Skyler, Valerie Bannert-Thurner, PhD, relocated to the UK in late September and is spearheading the sales and partnerships activities in the new office, which will serve as the headquarters for the European operations.

Skyler penetrates the European market in response to the tremendous growth opportunities available. With the increasing fragmentation of liquidity, skyrocketing market data volumes, and MiFID compliance regulations, firms are increasingly turning to third party vendors for trading solutions that provide faster and smarter insights into trading activities across the markets.

"We see great potential for Skyler's ultra low-latency trading solutions in Europe," says Valerie Bannert-Thurner, who is the Managing Director of Skyler Technology Europe Ltd. "Skyler's entry into the European market is perfectly timed to meet the rigorous demands of MiFID compliance and to open new trading opportunities for Skyler's customers in Europe."

The Skyler C3 Suite of Trading Solutions addresses specific trading needs, and does so in a way that is extremely fast, comprehensive, and flexible. Skyler's solutions for the European market include the C3 Liquidity Discovery system, the C3 Tick Analytics applications, the C3 Smart Order Routing solution, as well as Skyler's compliance solutions.

In addition to the great growth opportunities available in the European market, this expansion allows Skyler to support the European trading desks of their existing US installations. "We wanted more localized support for our clients. This step, not coincidentally, opened a floodgate of new opportunities for the development of Europe specific solutions," explains Bannert-Thurner.

Steve Cooper, CEO of Skyler, comments, "The launch of Skyler's UK office complements Skyler's impressive growth in this past year. It realizes Skyler's vision of becoming a global leader in financial services trading systems. Given the traction and the success we have seen in the US, it was a clear strategic decision for us to introduce our solutions in Europe."

Bannert-Thurner further adds, "Skyler is implementing a very aggressive sales initiative so we are seeking highly qualified candidates that are experts in Business Development, Marketing, and Trading Infrastructure Sales."

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