CardinalCommerce adds MyECheck to e-payment options

Source: CardinalCommerce

CardinalCommerce Corporation, a leading provider of payment brands for banks, merchants, processors and financial service providers, has announced an agreement with MyECheck, a leading Check 21 solution offering a comprehensive suite of electronic check processing services.

Their partnership will allow CardinalCommerce Customers to now accept MyECheck as a form of online payment.

MyECheck provides faster clearing and funds availability, substantially reduces charge-backs and risk and improves cashflow; all at a much lower cost than credit or debit cards. MyECheck can debit every U.S. checking account, even accounts that ACH cannot debit, and thus provides online merchants financial access to more consumers and businesses than any other payment method.

"We are pleased to welcome MyECheck to the Centinel platform of payment options. MyECheck fills a merchant's need for a check-like payment while maintaining a level security that merchants want and need," says Matt McDowell, Vice President of Merchant Services, CardinalCommerce. "MyECheck provides merchants a fast, reliable way to accept checks online and we are happy to provide this valuable service to merchants."

By leveraging a single integration of Cardinal Centinel - The Universal Merchant Platform - merchants can enable multiple payment brands and checkout options quickly and easily. The 30,000+ current Cardinal Customers and all future Cardinal Customers can now add MyECheck to their payment offerings.

"We are delighted that CardinalCommerce has selected MyECheck to be part of the Centinel platform. CardinalCommerce is the industry's leading payment brand enabler and MyECheck's unique proprietary offering strengthens the value proposition of Centinel while providing Cardinal Centinel customers easy access to MyECheck services without the need for direct integration with MyECheck," says Ed Starrs, CEO of MyECheck, Inc. "MyECheck will lower costs, fraud and chargebacks, while increasing sales, loyalty and profits for Cardinal Centinel customers."

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