GrIDsure unveils authentication system

Source: GrIDsure

GrIDsure Limited has today announced its revolutionary new approach to authentication - designed to tackle many of the problems currently being suffered by consumers buying both online and on the high street.

Proving you are who you say you are is a major challenge in today's fraud ridden world and GrIDsure's unique approach uses people's ability to remember patterns, providing the 'ideal' mix of simplicity and security when it comes to authentication.

Users create a simple pattern by choosing a set number of squares on a grid, in a shape of their choice - such as an 'L' or a 'tick'. Because the grid is then filled with random numbers at authentication time, new 'PIN' or pass codes are created each time. Best of all, GrIDsure can work without the need for extra hardware such as tokens, generating one-time codes that are more secure and resilient to spyware threats.

Inventors Steve Howes and Jonathan Craymer, who have been assisted for some time by lead advisers PricewaterhouseCoopers, believe this "ingredient" in the security process may enable the transaction industry to do away completely with fixed PINs.

"Today people are continuously under threat of becoming victims of financial fraud, from shoulder surfers at the cashpoint to sophisticated online phishers," said Jonathan Craymer, chairman, GrIDsure. "So far, most solutions that have been put forward to resolve this either involve more complicated or long-winded authentication techniques, or additional hardware such as code generators. We heard people asking 'why can't there be a simpler, yet safer method to prove who we are?' In GrIDsure, we think we've found the perfect answer."

100 times more secure than Chip and PIN, GrIDsure can be used on computers, at ATMs, EPOS tills or any situation where users would normally be required to enter a PIN or password. However it won't mean that retailers have to throw way their existing hardware systems, most of the current Chip and PIN solutions can be adapted to incorporate GrIDsure's method, if it's adopted by card companies and banks.

One of GrIDsure's greatest applications is its ability for people to remotely prove their identity online.

"The probleem at the moment is that everyone is suffering when it comes to e-tailing," added Stephen Howes, CEO GrIDsure. "Consumers are in fear of giving away their identities and the e-tailer is all too often the one who has to deal with the fall out, including the losses, resulting from fraudulent activity. GrIDsure helps customers and retailers operate in a safer environment, providing low-cost, high security without the need for additional hardware. Users can also then do away with having to remember multiple passwords, improving efficiency without compromising security."

The icing on the cake is that GrIDsure also works with ANY device (where a display can be shown) and is therefore ideal for mobile phone-based solutions, turning any mobile phone or PDA into a stand-alone code generator, which lowers the cost of implementation and improves security.

GrIDsure can also be used in a number of other fraud-fighting ways when built into bank or card company systems, including combating so-called 'Man-In-the-Middle' attacks and 'phishing' (being fooled into giving away details on bogus websites) as it allows users to tell genuine web pages or emails from false ones.

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