EastNets opens US Swift service bureau

Source: EastNets

EastNets, leading payment and security solutions provider for the financial industry, has announced that it has recently launched its new USA SWIFT Service Bureau (ENSB US) as part of its global strategy to boost market presence by expanding its range of services and products offered in North America.

EastNets also has announced the ambitious plan for enhanced customer operation centers after SWIFT has approved the launch of its USA Service Bureau.

The move follows EastNets' recent acquisition of SIDE International, the leading solutions provider for the financial industry and SWIFT Business Partner in the US. We will address the North American markets using EastNets services & products in addition to SIDE International's solutions, including its popular Anti Money Laundering SafeWatch Compliance Suite.

Commenting on the expansion, Hazem Mulhim, Chief Executive Officer, EastNets Group, said, "We are gaining traction in our operation in the US and are pleased to announce the expansion of our range of services with the opening of the EastNets USA Service Bureau (ENSB US). A key feature of EastNets is that it has an aggressive response and time to market ability which makes it an attractive solutions provider in a dynamic financial atmosphere such as the US. Our solutions have been proven and we aim to further improve our market reach and boost customer satisfaction with the new service bureau."

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