Perago unveils Solaris 10 version of RTGS for central banks

Source: Perago

Perago, a SIA-SSB Group company, today announced the positive outcome of its Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) certification process.

Sun and Perago have been collaborating in bringing a Solaris version of the Perago:rtgs (the leading Real-time Gross Settlement application for Central Banks) to the market as part of Perago's continuous development of its mission-critical application technology.

The collaboration between SUN and Perago provides Central Banks with the opportunity to implement the Perago:rtgs and related applications on a SUN architecture platform.

The Perago software design philosophy is aimed at giving the Central Banks freedom of choice regarding their preferred platform. The success of this strategy is illustrated by the wide range of functional and technical requirements supported by Perago in its growing customer base. The Perago:rtgs is currently used in smaller emerging market economies and is being implemented in the most advanced electronic economies.

The Solaris option will further extend the application and infrastructure scalability available to the customer base and provide for exceptional reliability, operational robustness and availability. The availability of Perago:rtgs on the Solaris platform will provide Central Banks with an attractive option that would protect their infrastructure investment by providing superior performance and technical scalability.

"We realise that our software needs to stay abreast of developments in the dynamic field of payment and securities settlement as well as the developments in technology. We therefore continue to invest in our financial infrastructure software in order to maintain a superior level of business functionality coverage, customer choice through the flexibility and modularity of our software, user simplicity, unquestionable security and technological sophistication" says Philip Tromp, CEO of Perago. "We see more and more central institutions moving to single technology environments in order to simplify their IT infrastructure and operations. The availability of Perago:rtgs on Solaris supports such strategies and shows our continuous commitment to deliver solutions that support our customers' business and IT strategies".

"We are delighted that Perago have decided to offer a Solaris 10 OS version of their application" says Peter Scott, Global Head of Banking Sector, Sun Microsystems Inc. "The Solaris 10 Operating System, the most secure OS on the placet, delivers indisputable performance advantages well as massive scalability, shattering world records by delivering unbeatable price/performance advantages. New Solaris 10 features, such as Predictive Self Healing, support automatic diagnosis and recovery from hardware and application faults, maximizing system uptime".

The Perago:rtgs solution will be available on the Solaris 10 Operating System in November and the first implementation will be in the Central Bank of Egypt as part of their financial infrastructure transformation.

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