Kabira forms global alliance programme to push payments systems

Source: Kabira

Transaction processing software firm Kabira Technologies has announced a series of worldwide initiatives designed to enhance the ability of Kabira partners to deliver payment switch, gateway and mobile payments systems for financial institutions.

The company is establishing partner engagements in key regions of North America, Europe and Japan, with plans to expand its partnership support for Central and South American banks in the next few months. Kabira's Global Partner Programme operates under the theme "Partnering With Purpose" and teams with a variety of vital industry organisations, including strategic partners and system integrators, software OEMs, outsourced delivery partners and companies with complementary technologies. The company plans to announce agreements with several new members of its Global Alliance Programme in the upcoming months.

"We are seeing a tremendous amount of new, transaction-intensive business opportunities in the financial services and mobile payments industries," said Chris Clabaugh, Kabira VP of Business Development.

"Kabira gives our partners technology to address the extreme transaction-processing sphere that will put them a notch higher than their competitors. We believe these partners will be the most strongly positioned to deliver innovative, high-throughput systems to financial institutions that demand rapid deployment, flexible configuration and the ability to scale to support millions of customers and billions of transactions every year."

In North America, Kabira is vigorously recruiting system integrators with strong banking and financial services practices and building on its network of strategic referral agreements. Kabira's partnerships in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia will focus on engaging system integrators and shaping new, strategic ecosystem alliances. Kabira's Asia-Pacific banking strategy enables Kabira partners to deploy new joint market development programmes within existing relationships. Kabira will broaden its engagements with important system integrators who are focused on the banking, mobile banking and payment markets.

Hardware and software partners who ally with Kabira will be able to address the financial industry's most deemanding, transaction-intensive applications. Ten percent of the US gross domestic product is currently routed through Kabira-enabled servers every year.

Kabira's core set of proven, highly-available, transaction-based products and services feature flexible, application-specific interfaces for both payment systems and processor networks. By working with Kabira partners, banks, credit card associations and service bureaus can rapidly implement flexible, performance-intensive systems that bring high profit functions such as debit and pre-paid processing, in-house.

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