ADVFN to deliver free Nasdaq share dealing data on the day of the Google IPO

Source: ADVFN

Europe's number one stocks and shares Website is giving visitors free access to key NASDAQ 'Level One' data for the day. They will be able to view real-time bid/offer and current prices, traded volumes, highs and lows and other details of trades as they actually happen for Google and all other NASDAQ securities.

From ADVFN's homepage visitors will be able to follow a link, which directs them to the NASDAQ market information.

Real-time Level One gives the most up to date price of a share. It enables a trader to see trades that have been made and ascertain what type of trade it was, therefore aiding buying and selling decisions.

"There will be immense interest surrounding the Google IPO and this data will be invaluable for anyone investing or trading this share on the day," said Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN. "ADVFN is the cheapest provider of US real-time but for this exciting moment it will be free for everyone. This is another market first for ADVFN."

Real-time and delayed NASDAQ prices are continually available on ADVFN and are not restricted to the day of the Google float.

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