Trace upgrades message transformation software

Source: Trace Financial

Independent software house Trace Financial is pleased to announce the availability of the latest release of Transformer, the market leading message transformation software product.

Transformer is a powerful software application that solves the problems of financial institutions working with complex messaging standards. This includes validation, mapping and enrichment of standards such as ISO 15022/20022 SWIFT(MT/MX), TRAX, FIX, CREST and Euroclear SP. It is equally adept at XML based standards (FpML, FIXML) or proprietary fixed-width, CSV or your own XML structures. Transformer is proven to deliver phenomenal improvements to the effectiveness of the business analysts or programmers that use it.

The mapping facilities within Transformer provide extensive functionality to meet modern business needs with regard to data transformation. Designed so that it can be used by Business Analysts, the supplied mapping functions along with the inherent reusability of the mapping definitions give Transformer a major advantage in the world of data manipulation and conversion.

This new release of the product, version 3.0, builds on the core features available in previous releases and provides large areas of new functionality. Support is now available for many advanced XML schema facilities such as substitution groups, type overrides and enhanced support for complex type elements with simple content.

The release contains facilities to print and where appropriate to publish definitions in an HTML form for documentation purposes. Facilities are also included in the release to allow the creation of definitions from Java objects.

The design workbench GUI has been re-engineered to deliver a new look-and-feel and also to give users greater control over screen configuration.

The facilities within the product to perform impact analysis have also been extended allowing the scope and effect of changes to be monitored at a higher level of detail and to make on-going maintenance much more straightforward

John Murphy, Managing Director of Trace Financial, comments, "Everyone who has spent time using Transformer has loved it and appreciated the huge benefits it delivers to this complex and troublesome area. The new release will enhance these benefits for client's; whatever their technical infrastructure."

Ian Treadgold, Integration Team Development Manager, adds, "With this release, Transformer contains the functionality that IT professionals in the middleware industry need to perform their jobs effectively. It provides all the support necessary to handle the challenges that the industry faces including the SWIFT MX messages and their interoperability with MT equivalents as well as the changes that the Euroclear Single Platform developments will require."

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