LogicaCMG and Fronde Anywhere form m-banking partnership

Source: LogicaCMG

LogicaCMG, a major international force in IT and business services, today announces a global partnership with Fronde Anywhere, a specialist provider of mobile banking, payment and multi-factor authentication solutions worldwide.

Fronde Anywhere is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Fronde Systems Group - a leading IT services company in New Zealand.

This new partnership combines Fronde Anywhere's innovative SMS and Java-based suite of mobile banking products with LogicaCMG's global financial services and telecoms industry experience, including leading edge payment and telco solutions, and presence. This will provide financial services organisations with the opportunity to integrate mobile technologies into their multi-channel strategy to add new channels, enhance existing channels, or enhance banking products and services.

Consumers will be able to manage their finances anywhere, anytime on their mobile phone or other device with the confidence that it is fully secure.

Financial services organisations will be able to quickly deploy exciting new, secure mobile banking services with the added comfort that using LogicaCMG's deep payments and retail financial services knowledge those services can become the payments and product channels of the future.

Lode Snykers, managing director, Global Financial Services at LogicaCMG said: "Fronde Anywhere's customisable solutions can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of individual organisations. Financial institutions can cost-effectively deploy end-to-end mobile banking offerings and target selected customer segments and services. The availability of both SMS and Java capabilities provides banks with the choice of starting with more basic SMS-based services, and evolving on to a more function-rich, fully branded, offering without having to change platform. The range and flexibility of Fronde Anywhere together with LogicaCMG's deep financial services, project experience and payments expertise make us the ideal partner for any institution looking to implement mobile services."

Caroline Dewe, EVP product strategy & marketing, at Fronde Anywhere continued: "This partnership is an important step for us in terms of strengthening our gglobal reach. LogicaCMG has a long pedigree of successful implementations and innovative products and solutions in both the financial services and telecoms markets. We look forward to a long and successful partnership."

Fronde Anywhere provides end-users with the ability to perform banking transactions confidently and easily. It can also be tailored to reflect a bank's branding and to fit in with the look and feel of each mobile device. End-users can simply access their banking application from their phone menu. Additional advantages for banks include reduced operational costs by eliminating a significant proportion of inbound contact centre calls, and increased revenues.

Fronde Anywhere product suite:
  • TxTBank and BankAlert modules provide a high availability, scaleable messaging platform with full disaster recovery and redundancy that empowers you to define and deliver your own services.
  • SmartBank provides customers with access to all of the functionality provided in an internet banking application - via a user friendly application that is downloaded to their mobile phone. SmartBank offers enhanced security across the entire system including 128 bit SSL encryption, and embedded session based token exchange within the SmartBank product.
  • TwoSecure secures Internet banking transactions by eliminating the risk of man in the middle attacks and third parties assuming the user's identity. This product is more cost-effective than hardware tokens for banks to deploy, and more convenient for consumers to use. By generating one-time passwords to users' handsets that can be matched with one held on the server, users can gain authenticated access to online transactions or remote networks.

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