Corda's PopChart powers SunGard's PlanningStation

Source: Corda Technologies

CORDA Technologies Inc., the leading provider of innovative data presentation solutions, today announced SunGard has selected Corda's PopChart as its charting solution for SunGard PlanningStation, an interactive financial planning solution, to provide dynamic data visualization capabilities.

PlanningStation is a browser-based, interactive, real-time financial planning solution designed to meet a wide range of planning needs for both professional financial advisors and consumers. PopChart provides the sophisticated charting and graphing capabilities that are key in helping users understand the financial data.

"Financial planners know it is one thing to have access to data that can drive important decisions, and it's quite another to have that data presented in a format that is readily understood," said David Vandagriff, Vice President of Marketing for Corda. "For people who live and die by understanding numbers, trends and exceptions to those trends, charts and graphs are the preferred solution."

Every aspect of PlanningStation is dynamic, including its charts and graphs. For example, when a financial variable such as a higher or lower interest rate is adjusted at any stage of the planning process, this small change alters the information throughout the entire plan. When a change such as this occurs, PopChart instantly updates all charts and graphs in the plan.

Features such as rollover and pop-up text keep the graphs clean and uncluttered by showing additional information about a user's financial plan, such as textual annotations, only when a mouse moves over the pertinent data item in a chart or graph.

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