Texas Mutual Insurance selects Jopari for e-billing compliance

Source: Jopari

Texas Mutual Insurance Company will begin enterprise wide electronic medical bill processing as of January 2008 to comply with workers' compensation electronic billing requirements mandated by the Texas Department of Insurance.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company, the state's leading workers' compensation carrier, is deploying an integrated Medical EDI Gateway supplied by Jopari Solutions to assure compliance with jurisdictional electronic billing formats, provider communications, and processing requirements.

Jopari's EDI Gateway incorporates Texas jurisdictional business rules and data validation for secure transmission of electronic medical billing and payment data. The EDI Gateway will also offer compliant bill submission services to health care providers who are required to submit their bills electronically in a state-approved ANSI X12N 837 format. Jopari also provides a Provider Portal that allows electronic bill and attachment upload, online bill correction, direct-bill data entry, bill status monitoring and flexible remittance advice delivery options, including compliant ANSI 835 Remittance Advices. Jopari will also offer data conversion services for providers who need assistance generating and submitting electronic bills and attachments to Texas Mutual Insurance Company.

Commenting on the Gateway arrangements with Jopari, Jeanette Ward, Vice President of Claim & Information Support Services said, "As the leading workers' compensation carrier in Texas, we required an electronic billing solution that conforms to Texas rules and is easily accessible to our health care providers. Jopari Solutions' Medical EDI Gateway will enable our providers to benefit from this new technology, while giving us a compliance strategy that achieves the legislature's goal of leveraging electronic billing technology to reduce costs in the Texas workers' compensation system."

Jopari's Senior Vice President Jim Grim added, "Jopari is extremely pleased with our emerging relationship with Texas Mutual. Jopari has the right combination of people, technology and industry knowledge to ensure success - and being selected by the leading payer in the first market to adopt electronic billing mandates validates that position. We look forward to working with Texas Mutual and continuing to set the standards in the electronic billing processing space."

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