Complinet launches regulation monitoring tool

Source: Complinet

Financial services firms across the globe can now get automatic advance warning of forthcoming regulatory changes, thanks to a new monitoring system from Complinet, the leading provider of solutions that dynamically deliver relevant compliance intelligence to industry professionals.

Complinet Tracker will save compliance professionals an average of 600 hours of manual monitoring work per year, and will significantly reduce the risk of missed compliance deadlines and associated penalties.

Tracker is a web-based subscription service that provides financial organizations with a single, enterprise-wide 'early-warning' system for upcoming regulatory changes. It continually monitors key regulatory events at 50 major international regulators and exchanges, including the FSA, SEC, FINRA (NASD/NYSE Regulation), LSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, Euronext PAB, the Bank of England, ISE, BSE BOX, CBOE, DFSA, CBB and QFCRA.

Tracker monitors for concept releases, amendments to consultation documents, and modifications to rules and regulations. It collates this information into a useable format, providing visibility into the actions of multiple regulators simultaneously, rather than on a regulator-by-regulator approach. It follows each rule throughout its lifecycle from proposal to effective implementation. In doing so, Tracker provides businesses with a clear insight into the evolving national and international regulatory landscape, allowing them to plan more effectively for forthcoming changes.

Tracker will save compliance professionals hours of work by automating a process that is currently undertaken manually. According to client research conducted by Complinet, the average compliance officer spends 2.5 hours per day monitoring websites from an average of six regulatory bodies. Based on a five-day working week, this equates to 50 hours every month, or 600 hours per year. Automating the process also reduces the risk of human error and oversight, ensuring that important rule changes are not missed.

"Every compliance and legal team wishes it had the proverbial crystal ball. Tracker is as close as it's possible to get," said Chris Pilling, founder and CEO of Complinet. "Tracker will change the pace of compliance for global businesses, giving compliance teams more time to act on regulatory developments. It will also significantly reduce the risk of changes 'coming out of the blue', being overlooked, or not being acted upon in time."

Tracker delivers its findings through a variety of formats, including email alerts, live alerts to mobile devices such as BlackBerrys, a searchable, widget-based online portal and XML feeds. Related documents and information are connected, and the system is fully searchable to assist in accessing the most relevant information. Tracker also categorizes updates, so irrelevant content is automatically filtered out. Its breadth and depth of intelligence is complemented by its degree of customization, with users able to set up profiles to catch and filter information relevant to their role, geography and organization.

Pilling summarized: "Keeping track of all relevant regulatory changes manually is an almost impossible task. NASD (now FINRA) has made 1,099 changes to its manual since 2004. The FSA has made 50,000 changes to its rulebook since 2001. If you consider a firm with thousands of employees, hundreds of financial products, multiple jurisdictions and dozens of regulatory bodies watching for any wrong move, you can start to understand why the market needs a single product that covers multiple regulators and geographies comprehensively."

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