FFastFill offers 100 Mb connectivity to Liffe Connect

Source: FFastFill

FFastFill announced today that it will be one of the first technology providers to offer 100 megabit (Mb) connectivity to the LIFFE CONNECT electronic trading platform.

The move vastly increases the speed and capacity of connection compared to the 2Mb lines LIFFE CONNECT offers as an alternative.

The 100Mb offering is one of several new connectivity alternatives LIFFE CONNECT is introducing.

FFastFill's Executive Chairman and CEO Keith Todd said: "This industry is increasingly demanding much faster access to markets. The huge increases in algorithmic trading are driven by ultra-low latency. We are very pleased to work with LIFFE CONNECT to offer our clients a high-speed, low latency and low-cost way to trade its products."

Paul MacGregor, Director Technology Partnerships at Liffe, commented: "We are very pleased that FFastFill are adopting 100 MB connectivity for customers using their Application Service Provider services, which provide a direct link to the Liffe market. This will immediately pass on the benefits of decompressed market data to all clients connecting via the FFastFill ASP."

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