IDT Finance launches pre-paid MasterCard range

Source: IDT Finance

IDT Finance today announced the nationwide launch of one of the most comprehensive range of prepaid MasterCard products available in the United Kingdom.

The launch of the PRIME reloadable and twin cards follows the successful trial of the disposable PRIME card in the London region earlier this year.

The PRIME card is the only instant issue prepaid MasterCard, available instantly over-the-counter nationwide at thousands of convenience stores, as well as Total Garages and Martin's Newsagents. The card can also be purchased online, subject to approval. The base prepaid card can be upgraded through registration to become reloadable and/ or to have additional cardholders on one account, making PRIME one of the most versatile prepaid card offerings on the market. The three products now available include:

The disposable PRIME card can be purchased instantly without filling in any burdensome forms or registering the card. This card is ideal to shop online safely, without any risk of fraud or identity theft. The card is also suitable as a gift.

The reloadable PRIME card now provides customers with the option to register the MasterCard in order to continually top-up their card and withdraw money from ATMs. The reloadable function gives PRIME cardholders the opportunity to try the disposable card before deciding to upgrade to a reloadable version. This card is ideal for customers who are unable to get a bank account or who wish to use it as an alternative to a traditional bank account.

The twin PRIME cards give reloadable PRIME card customers the option to purchase a second card to give or send to friends or family at home or overseas. As the twin card can be used to withdraw money at an ATM or to make purchases online or wherever MasterCard is accepted (over 24 million locations worldwide) it is useful for parents with globe-trotting teenagers or people who wish to share access to money with friends and family.

"The prepaid card market is growing at a rapid rate and so too are the wants and needs of prepaid card customers. Following the trend of the prepaid mobile phone market, many consumers want to limit the amount of money they are able to access - physically forcing them to stay within their budget," said Jamie King, Director IDT Finance.

"By extending our offering to include reloadable and twin cards we are providing consumers with a number of prepaid alternatives to traditional bank accounts and credit cards, that will meet everyone's requirements, yet also give customers the opportunity to try before they buy," concluded King.

The disposable PRIME card is currently available for sale to over 18s and can be used by anyone of any age. The card can be loaded on purchase with a value between £10 and £150 at a cost of £3 per card.

The new reloadable card can be topped up with up to £500 at a time. Currently the PRIME card can only be loaded over-the-counter at any participating ePay or PayPoint store. IDT will be offering a loading service through the banking network from November this year.

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