Keane launches FSA broker compliance tool

Source: Keane Business Risk Management Solutions

Keane Business Risk Management Solutions today announced the availability of Keane SCORE for FSA Broker Compliance, an Enterprise Risk Management tool designed exclusively for brokers to address compliance requirements of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Keane SCORE is a patent-pending, web-based solution that automates and streamlines the key components of Enterprise Risk Management - Measurement, Management, Monitoring. The new SCORE for Brokers will enable brokers to accomplish and maintain compliance with the latest FSA and Lloyd's requirements and deliver up-to-date, audit-ready reporting and validation. This customized and comprehensive version is the most cost-effective way for brokers to quickly implement the framework for an enterprise-wide view of risk and compliance.

"The FSA expects brokers to approach risk management from a business perspective, as well as for regulatory reasons," said Peter Teuten, President and Chief Technology Officer of Keane Business Risk Management Solutions. "This requires regular self-assessment and embedding risk management at all levels of the organization throughout the entire enterprise. Our technology will allow brokers to efficiently establish, manage and demonstrate robust practices, while measuring results and progress over time."

SCORE for Brokers is designed to meet FSA risk management and compliance requirements in key areas such as governance, products, markets, and the Client Asset Sourcebook. Designed in the U.S. by British engineers, its development is led by Teuten, who has over 25 years experience in both the US and UK insurance markets and Lloyd's.

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