Diebold launches online outsourcing assessment kit

Source: Diebold

With Automated Teller Machine (ATM) operational expenses for U.S. financial institutions approaching $3.9 billion in 2008, the case for outsourcing grows stronger every day.

To assist financial institutions in determining if outsourcing is right for them, Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD), the global leader in integrated self-service delivery, has launched the Outsourcing Assessment Center. This interactive tool allows financial institutions to evaluate their current ATM channel against industry standards to learn how outsourcing can positively impact their bottom lines.

The Outsourcing Assessment Center strengthens Diebold's commitment to providing comprehensive outsourcing solutions to financial institutions through the Diebold Integrated Services® solution. Acknowledged by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) as a Top Outsourcing Service Provider in 2007, Diebold Integrated Services solutions are designed to promote cost savings, realize cost certainty and service consistency for financial institutions, allowing them to concentrate on customers.

The Assessment Center is self-driven, walking visitors through three simple questions designed to stimulate discussion about the time and resources dedicated to managing the ATM channel. Visitors can evaluate the resources of their ATM network, current operating environment, and activities and costs associated with the network.

"The average cost of operating an individual ATM per year is estimated at more than $25,000, which represents significant cash flow and associated management time to financial institutions," said Diebold's Chuck Ducey, vice president, global product development and services. "Through the Diebold Outsourcing Assessment Center, financial institutions can begin the process of understanding how they can decrease costs and maximize their time and resources at the ATM channel through outsourcing."

The creation of the Outsourcing Assessment Center supports the overall consultative nature of Diebold Integrated Services, which recommends a proprietary seven-step process to address the individual needs of financial institutions. Beginning with an overarching needs assessment, Diebold walks customers through the evaluation process, which includes a comprehensive due- diligence phase, solution design, acceptance and governance.

"Our seven-step process allows us to better understand the individual needs and objectives of each outsourcing customer," said Ducey. "Often it can be very revealing for a financial institution when it discovers the true costs of its ATM channel. For us, it is the beginning of a supporting partnership with the customer, which is what makes our services so compelling."

After completion of the assessment, visitors can contact Diebold directly for more information and to set up an appointment to hear more about what Diebold Integrated Services offers.

Financial institutions interested in learning more about the Outsourcing Assessment Center or Diebold Integrated Services can also visit the company at the upcoming BAI Retail Delivery Show in Las Vegas this November.

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