Baytree National Bank & Trust recruits Goldleaf for site revamp

Source: Goldleaf Financial Solutions

Goldleaf Financial Solutions (NASDAQ:GFSI), a provider of integrated technology-based solutions designed to improve the performance of financial institutions, today announced that Lake Forest, Ill.-based Baytree National Bank & Trust contracted with the company to redesign its Web site.

The bank will now offer several new features including Internet Banking with bill payment to make it easier for its customers to do business with them.

In a 2007 Consumer Bill Payment Survey, online banking was stated as one of the most widely used services on the Internet. Recognizing this, Baytree National Bank & Trust selected with Goldleaf to design a more robust and secure Web site that would let the bank offer the same products as larger financial institutions.

Anne Adams, Baytree National Bank & Trust's director of marketing, said that it was important for the bank to work with a company that was an expert in the financial industry. "Additionally, we wanted our Web site custom designed, offering enhanced capabilities while retaining a local feel. Since there are 10 other financial institutions in the area, we need to stay competitive in our offerings," she added.

Baytree National Bank & Trust has three locations and $200 million in assets. "We believe that being locally owned is a key differentiator," Adams said, "and it was important that our customers be able to relate to our site. Goldleaf tailoring the Web site to meet our specific needs was paramount in our decision process."

Bank executives cited the visuals as key to the design of the site. Adams worked with Goldleaf experts to create a Web site that was easy to navigate while providing additional functionality that included pull down and sub menus, as well as special offers on the home page. The site also has links to Google, local weather and stock market information.

Customer service and security were also major focuses for the bank. "When we began our due diligence, we contacted several references who were using Goldleaf's Web services," Adams said. "Every bank touted Goldleaf's exceptional service and knowledge of the industry, but it wasn't until we began the process that we fully understood just what they meant - Goldleaf doesn't just provide it; they live it. Building the site was like clockwork. Additionally, we all shared a timeline with action items. It was a true partnership process, with accountability every step of the way."

Adams wanted a provider that offered maximum security and compliance review. Additionally, the site needed to have good back up system plans. With Goldleaf, a disaster recovery plan was already laid out, giving Baytree National Bank & Trust additional credibility in the eyes of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). She was also charged with building a separate secure site for the bank's Board of Directors to access for bank business; one that was accessible from anywhere. The team built a site with a double log in and password to ensure security, and it is now used to post confidential messages and reports.

Todd Shiver, EVP of Sales and Marketing of Goldleaf, said, "Baytree's Web site is the single most important statement of its bank's brand on the Internet today. Online banking continues to gain momentum and the proactive community banks are looking for ways to leverage their Internet presence for a competitive advantage. From Web design to ACH, Goldleaf is 100 percent committed to providing the tools, resources and customer service that enable community banks to compete in today's competitive market."

According to Adams, the bank has received positive customer inquiries in response to the special offers featured on the site, including special product rates shown on a moving marquee and the health savings account icon found on the main page. Adams considers that a testament to the success of the redesign.

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