TradeKing adds MarketGrader stock research to brokerage site

Source: TradeKing

Continuing to build on its promise of delivering outstanding value in the online trading world, online discount broker TradeKing announced today that it has added high-performing fundamental stock research reports from MarketGrader to its brokerage site.

As with all of TradeKing's tools, the MarketGrader reports have been integrated seamlessly into the TradeKing environment and are available free of charge to all TradeKing clients.

"TradeKing takes an uncompromising approach to incorporating the best of what the industry has to offer in terms of trading tools," said Don Montanaro, chairman and CEO of TradeKing. "Adding MarketGrader to our platform is one more example of this - it's a smart tool that will save our clients valuable time in assessing a company's overall health and determining their next investment move. From the unique qualitative information clients glean from our social networking features to our outstanding technical analysis tools and now quantitative stock reports from MarketGrader, TradeKing offers retail clients one of the richest trading environments around."

MarketGrader is an expert quantitative system that analyzes 5,600 U.S. exchange - listed companies based on a strict and unbiased fundamental analysis that takes into account four categories of indicators: growth, value, profitability and cash flow. It is designed to assist investors in finding investment opportunities quickly, accurately and cost-effectively by identifying pricing imperfections in the market relative to each company's financial picture. MarketGrader's comprehensive research model provides rankings across all ten economic sectors and nearly 150 sub-industries. It also provides rankings across small cap, mid cap and large cap segments, all in the context of a comprehensive and un-biased fundamental analysis.

The MarketGrader system incorporates all the necessary data from each company's financial reports into a grading system virtually the same day the information becomes publicly available. Within hours of each announcement, the new information has been run through the MarketGrader system, which automatically assesses the impact on the entire fundamental outlook for the company. No later than 48 hours after each announcement, MarketGrader will publish a new report on the stock reiterating, upgrading or downgrading its rating on the stock.

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