Visa hires MFPS to debrief Greek retailers on benefits of chip cards

Source: Mellon Financial Product Support

Mellon Financial Products Support (MFP), member of Mellon Group of Companies specializing in Business Process Outsourcing services, announced today its cooperation with Visa Europe to provide briefing and training services to retailers for the acceptance of payments with the use of chip cards. This initiative falls under the wider effort of Visa Europe to promote 'smart' transactions aiming to enhance security, reduce chargebacks and minimize customers' waiting time.

Under the framework of its cooperation with Visa Europe, MFP will provide specialized executives to brief and train a selected number of merchants in the use and acceptance of smart cards. More specifically, MFP will brief them on the migration to chip technology and its benefits, the updated security features of Visa chip cards. At the same time, they will train them on the use of Visa chip cards with or without the use of pin and the use of Visa cards with magnetic stripe.

"The penetration of cards with chip technology in Greece is accelerating due to the many benefits it offers to banks, retailers and consumers. Today there are more than 1,500,000 Visa chip cards in Greece, and if we consider the needs resulting from the increased tourism of the country, the proper briefing of merchants on the use of Visa chip cards becomes imperative," noted Nikos Kampanopoulos, Vice President and General Manager, Visa Europe. "We look forward to the creation of a business environment that fosters more simple, flexible and safe transactions using Visa payment cards, and through our cooperation with MFP we aim to the faster and more effective realization of our goals for the Greek market."

"We are very pleased with this new cooperation as it combines characteristics on which both MFP and Mellon Group of Companies, a leading provider of the majority of chip cards and pos terminals in the Greek market, have unrivalled know-how and long, proven experience. The provision of merchant and financial product support services on behalf of our customers -mostly Banks, are two very successful services of MFP's Business Process Outsourcing portfolio and we are positive that our experience will help Visa Europe in the facilitation of smart card transactions," commented Filippos Kokkinidis, General Manager, MFP.

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