CardBASE upgrades Mascot smart card management system


CardBASE Technologies, a world leader in Smart Card Management System solutions, today announced the general availability of MASCOT V3.0.

MASCOT V3.0 also includes new releases of ChipEMV and ChipCERT, which provide solutions for the management of complex smart card programmes for EMV migration and Secure ID respectively.

The core of the system is a highly scalable and flexible Smart Card Management System, capable of supporting card deployments from 5000 up to 5 million cards. It supports the issue of both single and multi-application cards either in bulk, for initial issuance or individually, for post-issuance personalisation. Organisations can quickly deploy the system using the standard modules for EMV, Secure ID and Electronic Purse or they can use the MASCOT Integration Toolkit, to customize the system to meet specific requirements and to integrate with existing systems.

Major enhancements in MASCOT V3.0 include:

  • Web interface for customer service functions
  • Card stock control facility
  • Global Platform card and application profile support
  • Automation of cardholder enrolment/card approval process
  • Operations dashboard to allow tracking of cards through the system
  • Support for display of graphics (photo, biometric etc.)
  • Performance enhancements for saleability and throughput

    CardBASE and its business partners in Asia, North America and Europe have demonstrated the benefit of MASCOT. In the last two months, CardBASE partners have rolled out MASCOT v3.0 with ChipEMV and ChipCERT.

    ChipEMV's central management of EMV templates, application and parameters, along with the integration capability of MASCOT allows card-issuing banks to migrate to EMV while protecting their investment in their magnetic card infrastructure.

    ChipCERT's integration with leading PKI vendors systems facilitates the cost effective rollout of Secure ID by large organisation or governmental agencies.

    MASCOT V3.0 is available on both Windows and Unix platforms and has been localized to meet the demands of CardBASE's international customers.
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