Laru releases new ACH risk and compliance system

Source: Laru Corporation

Laru Corporation, a provider of ACH risk and compliance management software applications for financial institutions, announced the release of its new ACH Clarity product.

ACH Clarity offers financial institutions a comprehensive system to identify, resolve and prevent ACH fraud and compliance issues.

Running as a complementary platform to an institution's core ACH processing system, ACH Clarity monitors ACH transactions and provides network operators with the ability to research, report and manage risk exposure from originator relationships, as well as audit the ACH pipeline. The solution generates customized alerts and reports that identify fraudulent ACH transactions and risk anomalies. ACH Clarity was developed in accordance with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's OCC Bulletin 2006-39, which outlines key components that comprise an effective ACH risk management program and recommends financial institutions implement stand-alone ACH audit systems.

ACH Clarity supports the needs of both originating depository financial institutions (ODFIs) and receiving depository financial institutions (RDFIs). With ODFIs, improper controls on increasing ACH traffic subject originating banks to increased levels of risk exposure. Using advanced analytical techniques based upon actual ACH business intelligence, ACH Clarity forecasts originator risk exposure and calculates recommended reserves. For RDFIs, ACH Clarity provides the means to identify high risk originating banks and the source of the offending transactions.

"The ACH Clarity solution substantially improves a financial institution's capability to proactively manage and control risk, thereby increasing the overall integrity of the ACH network," said Ben Waidhofer, president and chief executive officer of Laru Corporation. "By providing visibility into vital information concerning fraudulent activity on customer accounts, ACH Clarity mitigates violations occurring against the institution."

"A rising concern regarding ACH transactions is being driven by certain non-recurring debit transactions, which may be subject to higher ACH return rates and fraud potential," stated Peter Yeatrakas, president and chief executive officer of Western Payments Alliance (WesPay), a regional payments association. "There is a strong need within the industry for a product that provides a way for financial institutions to not only manage the violations occurring against them, but also identify possible violations they may be committing themselves unknowingly."

ACH Clarity is a highly scaleable application built on Microsoft's Business Intelligence Platform and delivered on a stand-alone server. Implementation can usually be completed within one day. System administration, report creation and direct access to application functions is provided through ACH Clarity Dashboard client workstations.

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