Mitek Systems launches suite as SOA

Source: Mitek Systems

Mitek Systems (OTC Bulletin Board: MITK), a leading provider of Image Analytics and Pattern Recognition software, announces a new Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) which enables payment processing and other imaging application vendors and integrators to more productively tap the industry's most accurate and comprehensive line of recognition and fraud-detection technologies.

The first module in the updated suite, ImageNet Payments, is available now. ImageNet Fraud, ImageNet Signature, ImageNet Data Capture as well as modules for Form Recognition and Image Enhancement, will be shipped during the course of the remaining calendar year. Image Processing and Form Identification capabilities are scheduled for release later this month.

"We have 15 years of patented technology leadership behind us," said Mitek CEO James B. DeBello, "Our challenge was to make it more accessible to our partners who incorporate it into their solutions. And now we've done that. In fact, with ImageNet, ISVs and SIs can quickly, easily and inexpensively incorporate the fastest and most accurate recognition and fraud-detection technologies into any SOA-compliant applications - from specialized payment processing solutions to enterprise financials to any applications that can benefit from automating document processes."

"Service-Oriented Architecture has grown out of Web technologies to provide a means to loosely couple applications at a component level," says Bala Balasubramanian, chairman and CEO, J&B Software. "That means any SOA-savvy application can consume functionality from any SOA-based components, whenever they're needed. Unlike prior architectures, this means it's fast and easy to update applications with new capabilities. It's a win-win for developers and end users."

ImageNet uses the industry-standard Microsoft .NET development framework to consolidate 13 separate Mitek capabilities into one application programming interface (API). Microsoft .NET is the environment of choice for developing SOA-based capabilities with broad support.

ImageNet Payments

ImageNet Payments is Mitek's new, SOA-compliant check and deposit slip data extraction and signature validation solution. Any SOA-enabled application can now integrate a comprehensive check processing solution through a single, loosely coupled API. "ImageNet Payments' cutting-edge architecture also makes it ideal for both remote branch and merchant capture," DeBello said.

Specifically, ImageNet Payments:
  • Locates and recognizes a check's legal and courtesy amounts and validates them by comparing them to each other.
  • Extracts name and address for validation and for marketing offers.
  • Reads MICR for OCR comparison of magnetic read.

SaaS Savvy

ImageNet flexibility extends beyond fast, easy, cost-effective development. Its architecture also facilitates Software as a Service and full process outsourcing options that give developers and their customers these important new choices in solution delivery.

"ImageNet responds to customer requests to simplify deployment and to function in a variety of operating environments," said Mitek Senior Product Manager Jan Charvat. "ImageNet offers our customers the best of both worlds: It retains Mitek's comprehensive set of capabilities, but now they're delivered in an easy-to-use framework for fast application development and deployment."

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