Bell ID talks up EMV card scripting system

Source: Bell ID

The ANDiS4EMV scripting solution, developed by Bell ID at its headquarters in Rotterdam, provides payment card issuers with the ability to manage their cards in the field, in real time.

It enables post issuance EMV application management and includes the ability to change card risk management parameters, unblock or change PINs and block or unblock applications on the card.

Bell ID adds this latest option to its ANDiS4EMV solution to address a strong market demand for a cost effective and compact solution to comply with the banks' most crucial scripting requirements. EMV scripts, which are effectively secured smartcard commands, provide additional risk management for payment card issuers.

The generation of scripts in order to change card parameters and manage card behaviour and risk is an important added value of issuing EMV compliant cards which is now being leveraged by many issuers. Scripts are delivered to POS/ATM terminals as part of standard financial authorisation messages; the terminal in turn delivers scripts to cards in accordance with the EMV specifications. Banks that issue offline capable EMV cards require scripting in order to change offline PINs. Bell ID's latest EMV scripting solution meets these market demands.

Wynand Vermeulen, Manager of Financial Services at Bell ID commented: "Scripting enables post issuance EMV application management and is critical to the success of offline capable EMV card programs. The expansion of ANDiS4EMV with our in-house scripting engine will provide a cost effective alternative to external scripting solutions."

Bell ID's EMV scripting solution is a fully integrated component of ANDiS4EMV and works alongside Bell ID's Card and Application Management System, Key Management System and Data Preparation. ANDiS4EMV will also continue to support Aconite's EMV Script Processor solution, as well as other external scripting solutions.

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