Mexico's Banamex launches online invoicing service

Source: Banamex

Banamex announced today that a new service, "Online Invoicing," will be put into effect.

It is a new system from the electronic banking area that helps organizing and reconciling documents to be collected by large companies and corporations that originate a considerable amount of invoices.

With Banamex Online Invoicing, selling companies submit information regarding the invoices owed by their customers on an Internet page. The buyers enter the page to look at said invoices, chose which one, or ones, they want to pay, and whether they wish to pay in full or in part. Once payment is made, the seller gets a reconciliation file that specifies which customer paid, as well as details invoice by invoice.

With Banamex Online Invoicing sellers and buyers obtain the following benefits:
  • They have better communication, since information on the invoices is updated every day.
  • The collection process if fully automated, since details are available about who paid, how much, and which invoices were paid.
  • Complete flexibility by allowing the buyer to chose the invoices to be paid and whether they will be paid in full or in part.
  • There is a possibility of establishing discounts for prompt payment or penalties for late payment.
  • Unifying collection channels by including all payees in this tool, whether they are Banamex customers or not.

The customer will be able to pay the invoices through a direct link with Banamex Electronic Banking, or print a deposit slip with all necessary references to make payment.

The only requirement for the companies that use this new service is to have over 500 invoices per month, regardless of the amounts on the documents.

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