Tokyo Commodity Exchange enhances trading system

Source: Tokyo Commodity Exchange

While the Exchange is now working on an exhaustive research process for its next trading system, TOCOM will also enhance the current system within the limits of its capacity in order to improve the level of service provided.

Accordingly, the following performance enhancements will be implemented on July 30th, 2007.
  1. Order response time (i.e: from the time the order is placed to when the order receipt confirmation is received): about 500 milliseconds (currently: about 1 second)
  2. Market data distribution frequency: about 1 second (currently: about 3 seconds)

Note: the above-mentioned performances apply to TOCOM member terminals. Therefore, for customer terminals, these performances may a) require more time since messages must go through the TOCOM member's system/network; and b) vary depending on the market situation and other factors.

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