BB&T launches electronic cheque conversion products

Source: BB&T

BB&T's Payments Services Division today said it has introduced three new products to help business clients take advantage of Check 21 technology.

Following a rule change on March 16 from NACHA (the Electronic Payments Association), BB&T's new Back Office Conversion (BOC) will allow its remote deposit clients to convert eligible paper checks received at the point of purchase into electronic ACH payments at their own businesses.

"There are numerous benefits for clients using BOC for check processing," said Bennett Bradley, manager of BB&T's Payments Services Division. "They'll have faster access to funds and no signature authorizations to manage. Moreover, BOC eliminates the complexity and expense of clients having to integrate hardware into their point-of-sale environments."

BB&T also has introduced an Internet-based version of OnSite Deposit, its 2-year-old remote deposit service that allows clients to make deposits from their computers. With the new Internet-based version of the service, OnSite Deposit clients will no longer need to have software installed.

BB&T also has introduced its Lockbox Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) service to process payments and receivables information at BB&T's retail lockbox sites.

BB&T Lockbox ARC automatically converts eligible payments made by check into an electronic automated clearing house (ACH) debit. The fully integrated service provides capture, validation and origination as well as online transaction images, reports and ACH returns and resubmissions.

"The existing value of lockbox combined with ARC will benefit clients who desire faster access to funds and lower return rates," Bradley said.

"Overall, we're continuing to expand our collection and disbursement solutions so our clients can receive payments faster, safer and more efficiently. We're focused on check conversion, Check 21 and all forms of electronic commerce solutions that allow clients to better manage the transition from paper to electronic payments."

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