Nicholas-Applegate to roll out Fidessa LatentZero front office software

Source: Fidessa LatentZero

Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management (NACM), the San Diego-based global investment firm with $16 billion AUM, is set to use all three elements of Capstone, the front-office software suite from Fidessa LatentZero.

Having looked at the leading vendors and assessed the products available, NACM decided on Fidessa LatentZero's full Capstone suite. Capstone could be easily integrated with NACM's legacy systems and was felt to have the best functionality and scalability. NACM had also been using one element of the suite, Capstone Sentinel, for pre- and post-trade compliance, since late 2004 and recognized that the remaining Capstone components would fit seamlessly with existing operations.

NACM's Sean Hudson, Manager of Investment and Compliance Systems, explains: "We have been using Sentinel successfully for a number of years. It's a great product that has helped us monitor portfolio compliance as we have grown. Investment managers like the fact that it offers comprehensive restriction checks at every stage of the investment process, the intuitive user interface and the overall look and feel. They also appreciate that the pre-configured rule libraries cover every major regulator around the world and are straightforward to update. So when we started the search for an OEMS and decision support tool it made sense to consider Fidessa LatentZero."

The other two elements of Capstone, Tesseract for portfolio analysis, scenario modeling and order generation, and Minerva for order management and trading, fitted precisely with NACM's needs.

Hudson continues: "Our portfolio managers liked Capstone Tesseract's functionality, particularly its ability to analyze portfolios against models and benchmarks, perform "what if" scenarios and set-up multiple tabs, each with a different set of accounts, models and construct.

"Capstone Minerva gives our traders lots of options. They liked the fact that it is a true real-time platform, with highly configurable workflows and trade screens. It enables them to manage order flows from different managers on one blotter, provides access to the industry-leading data providers through pre-built feeds, filters information, and presents users with a a consolidated view of their current positions, relationships and activity across all asset classes."

NACM is also looking forward to taking advantage of Fidessa LatentZero's new EMS module. The EMS complements Capstone's proven strengths in position management, portfolio analysis, order generation, compliance, order routing, trade capture, commission management and trade confirmation. It provides a comprehensive audit trail of all OMS activity and related market data to support compliance with buy-side MiFID requirements.

Richard Jones, CEO of Fidessa LatentZero says: "Sentinel has been a success at NACM, and the firm can expect the same high standards both in terms of our technology and also the expertise and support of the Fidessa LatentZero team as we implement our full Capstone suite. In addition, I am delighted that NACM will be taking full advantage of our new EMS module. Our aim is to be the leading innovator in front office software, and we fully expect EMS functionality to become a standard and necessary feature of an OMS very rapidly."

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