LV= to implement Experian marketing technology

Source: Experian

LV=, the UK's largest friendly society, has selected Experian Integrated Marketing to help drive its personal marketing strategy.

Experian Fusion, the company's end-to-end campaign management solution, will enable LV= to execute highly targeted, insight-led direct campaigns. Providing LV= with a single point of access to first-class marketing capabilities, Experian Fusion will allow the company to centrally manage all its campaign work.

With Experian Fusion's suite of insight tools, a cleansed consumer universe and a full campaign history at its disposal, LV= will now be in a position to achieve greater campaign velocity. Powered by Elements, Experian's world-class marketing software, and fuelled by Experian's broad range of data assets, Fusion's integrated approach eliminates the time associated with managing multiple direct marketing suppliers to roll out campaigns.

Mike Trevett, Senior Marketing Manager, Data, for LV=, commented: "Experian Fusion's going to radically change our approach to database marketing. We're now in the driving seat and can completely fine-tune every aspect of our direct strategy to deliver true one-to-one marketing capabilities and help us reach new audiences with our fresh, new LV= brand.

"Our trials have already shown that Experian Fusion's unique commercial model drastically reduces cost per acquisition whilst its software as a service platform greatly increases campaign speed. When you combine these factors with the degree of insight available and heavyweight marketing technology in the shape of Experian's Elements software, it's clear why Experian Fusion's the natural choice for LV=."

Chris Smith, Sales Partner, Experian Integrated Marketing, added: "Experian Fusion's been in huge demand since its launch because it delivers comprehensive database marketing capabilities at a cost-effective point of entry never before seen in the UK market. We're clearly delighted to have worked with LV= through the development and piloting of Experian Fusion and that they have now gone on to become an Experian Fusion advocate, having seen for themselves how our blend of data, software and services makes a real difference to the return from their marketing investment."

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