I2C releases sales and commission management modules

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I2C, the innovative leader in high-quality transaction processing and stored value card management solutions, recently announced the release of Sales Channel Pro and Sales Channel Matrix.

Managing multi-tiered sales channels and tracking commissions are two of the most daunting tasks associated with card program management. MCP's sales channel modules provide extremely flexible and comprehensive tools to define complete commission structures for each card program.

Sales Channel Pro

Sales Channel Pro is a flexible and fully integrated commission calculation and sales management solution. By maximizing automation and minimizing manual activity, program managers can design, manage and automate the calculation of variable payment and commission plans. Stakeholders, services and rates are identified in a tree hierarchy and this information becomes the sales policy for the program, which can be modified or duplicated for similar card programs. Any number of stakeholders, in any hierarchy, can be added to any sales policy. Once defined, each stakeholder is given secure access to sales information and commission details based on their user role. By delivering accurate and timely commission data, Sales Channel Pro boosts productivity, accelerates payroll calculations, improves sales morale and trust, and reduces costs and associated labor.

Sales Channel Matrix

Sales Channel Matrix is a simpler but less flexible option than Sales Channel Pro. Matrix has two dimensions; a level in the chain and a stakeholder category. At the intersection of these two values, the commission for any service provided is defined. The size of the matrix and the number of levels are configurable. The Matrix is only defined once for the entire program. However, a card program that uses Sales Channel Matrix can have only one matrix attached to it. Conditions can be set under which stakeholders can move from one category to another. For example the CPM may want to move stakeholders with over 5000 cards to gold category from silver. Stakeholders can also pay their way to a higher status. Sales Channel Matrix is particularly effective for multi-level marketing schemes.

Business Benefits
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Reduced costs
  • Simplified management of variable compensation
  • Commission payout transparency
  • Increased employee and/or partner satisfaction
  • Accurate and timely calculation of commission
  • Reduced fraud risk
  • Easier payout reconciliation
  • Handles complex compensation plans across multiple stakeholders.
  • Robust reporting provides needed visibility.
  • Innovative compensation structures attracts new distribution partners
  • Improved operational efficiency

Managed Card Programs (MCP)

MCP is a secure, cost-effective, flexible and scalable processing platform that provides multi-institution, multi-currency, and multi-lingual capabilities. MCP's suite of easy-to-implement, unique and robust management tools provide comprehensive solutions to new and established players in the stored value sector. The technology is highly configurable and delivers custom solutions with features such as sales channel and commission management, not available from other providers. By managing the various aspects of cardholder services and sales channel management, MCP improves operational efficiencies, service quality and profitability.

The customizable configuration of card parameters; including fees and other charges, card and transaction limits, service options and branding, ensures that tailored products and services can be quickly and easily launched. The ability to define business rules on an organizational card type, account type and individual card level enables i2c's clients to adapt their programs to suit the needs of a diverse range of cardholders.

Some of the featured benefits offered by MCP are:
  • Admin Console - Client-configurable card program management (cardholder fees, card parameters, sales channel management and reporting, etc.)
  • Cardholder - Supports the end-to-end card lifecycle. Provides transaction history, access to value added services, funding from bank accounts, transfers and alerts etc.
  • Customer Service Console - Easy to use portal for CSRs to deliver service to the cardholders. Complete log of customer interactions and activity reporting
  • Sales Channel Management - Manages the revenue split for various card fees among the stake holders. Provides online reporting and tracking
  • IVR - Provides all services offered by cardholder website including items such as bank account verification, quick-pick list management using a regular phone
  • Live Operator Service - 24x7 live operator assistance in English and Spanish. I00% i2c employees, focused on card services only
  • Application Programming Interface (API) - Access to MCP functions using web services or a socked based API. Offers a comprehensive set of function calls including the ability to add user defined tags to records
  • Reporting & Notifications - Variety of reports available to different stake holders in the system. Ability to schedule reports and delivered to the inbox. Number of event driven notifications via email or SMS

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