Portugal's SIBS hires Systar to monitor ATM and POS network

Source: Systar

Systar (ISIN: FR0000052854-SAR), the leading provider of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solutions, today announced that SIBS - Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços, S.A., the leader in ATM and POS network management in Portugal, on behalf of more than 30 banks, has chosen BusinessBridge to monitor the transactional and multi-channel services delivered to the banks and their customers and to display business oriented dashboards in the newly created control room recently inaugurated by SIBS.

The new control room joins all the operational teams working on the services delivered to banks (ATM and POS being the most significant) in the same openspace in order to facilitate information sharing, with an objective: improve the quality of service delivered to the customers.

Quality of service delivered was considered good and the technical infrastructure supporting the service well monitored, but from a technical perspective. SIBS wanted to take the opportunity of the new control room to take their teams to a further step and move towards a business centric and customer-driven attitude.

"SIBS had three main goals: focus the attention on the quality of service presently delivered to our customers, detect abnormal business deviations in the service delivered and act before those abnormal deviations impact the service delivered. For that, we needed business oriented dashboards that all the teams would watch." explained Joao Costa, Network manager with SIBS.

The central point of the control room is a very large video wall (one of the largest in Europe installed in a Control Room) on which SIBS displays business oriented real time Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) dashboards.

"BusinessBridge fulfilled our objectives thoroughly - it's flexible, has advanced visual capabilities and filters and correlates numerous heterogeneous events, based on a wide range of predefined analytics. We were also comforted to see that BusinessBridge could sit on top of our existing applications and infrastructure without generating any impact", complemented João Costa.

BusinessBridge is the state-of the-art BAM platform, as rated by many analysts, and comes together with a library of predefined components that ensure customers can get more value much quicker.

"We are extremely happy that BusinessBridge was selected by SIBS, which is our first reference in Portugal", says Bernard Tardy, Vice President in charge of Central & Southern Europe for Systar. "We are also proud that we can help such a demanding and visible customer to improve quality of service on highly critical business activities".

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