Leek United Building Society cuts e-mail admin with Mimecast

Source: Network Defence

Leek United Building Society, a leading financial services provider, has cut email administration by up to 30 working days a year, optimising business productivity and freeing up resources by opting for an email managed service solution from Mimecast.

In a project designed and implemented by IT security consultancy Network Defence, Leek United Building Society has delivered significant operational cost and time savings by cutting down the time and resources spent on verifying spam email. The building society is now making better use of its resources by redeploying them to focus on internal development.

Leek United Building Society was receiving over 30,000 emails a month, and the previous managed service was not meeting the company’s needs â€" it was highly manual, with all incoming emails needing to be verified individually by staff. As a result emails were spending too long in quarantine, which resulted in delays and impacted on business productivity.

With the Mimecast solution the number of spam emails reaching the building society's server has been dramatically reduced, and time emails spend in quarantine has been reduced from two hours to five minutes, which has significantly boosted efficiency and enables staff to deal with business enquiries more quickly and effectively.

The solution also forms an important element of the company's disaster recovery planning. In the event of any outage, it acts as a backup server where users can obtain emails via a secure Web portal, meaning business can continue as usual.

The solution also removes large email attachments and redirects them via a hyperlink, freeing up server bandwidth and network resources so that incoming emails are pushed through the server more quickly.

A key benefit of the managed service is its security protection, which ensures that no viruses enter the company network and that all business sensitive information remains secure.

Peter Excel, IT development team leader for Leek United Building Society, said: "We wanted a solution that maximised our business productivity whilst giving us that extra security which is so vital in the financial sector.

"Network Defence has delivered a managed service, which provides the highest lt levels of protection against spam, but more importantly, which has streamlined IT management by removing the need for time consuming email quarantine admin. This has helped us achieve our primary goal of freeing up IT resource and redeploying it to other parts of the business."

Leek United Building Society chose to partner with Network Defence because of its credentials and experience in the banking and finance sector. Deployment of the Mimecast solution was smooth, with staff on hand to address any issues quickly and efficiently.

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