Sun Microsystems offers CDO2 on demand

Source: Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) today announced the availability of a Dynamic On Demand financial risk simulation and pricing service from offered by CDO2, a provider of innovative pricing and risk technology for organizations trading structured credit products.

The new version of CDOSheet application, available from, delivers the latest pricing models and risk analysis technology to AC Capital Partners Limited and other customers in a secure and cost effective way. Financial modelers can now run simulations directly from their desktops without any awareness of the advanced grid computing technologies powering the service as the application utilizes newly introduced Sun Grid Compute Utility features, including programmatic access to the grid and secure bidirectional data transfers over the Internet, that make grid applications easy to deploy and transparent to the end user.

" powered by Solaris 10 OS helps our partners and customers derive immediate benefits from the Sun Grid Compute Utility by giving them more choice and control over how they purchase and deploy IT infrastructure," said Aisling MacRunnels, vice-president of Software Marketing, Sun Microsystems, "CDO2's deployment reinforces the opportunities created, particularly for smaller independent software vendors, to reach broader audiences; and for their smaller business customers to take advantage of the computing resources and software previously available only to larger institutions."

CDOSheet application users capture the necessary deal indicatives and model parameters from within an intuitive spreadsheet interface. The Sun Grid Compute Utility, powered by the Solaris 10 OS and Sun Grid Engine running on Sun's x64 hardware, allows a single risk analysis from CDOSheet application to be performed in parallel on the grid thereby minimizing the time necessary to complete the simulation.

"We are excited to be part of since 2005, when our CDOSheet application went live as a service on Sun Grid Compute Utility," said Gary Kendall, Director of CDO2. "The latest release of allows customers of our structured credit pricing and risk application a new level of "on-demand" availability without the need to reserve grid access in advance."

Customers from the financial services industry have already started using the new dynamic on demand CDOSheet solution offered via "CDOSheet running on allows us to price and risk manage complex deals quickly using built-in, grid-enabled analytics," said Jana Becher, Managing Director of AC Capital Partners Limited, a specialized asset management company that provides customized credit solutions to an institutional client base and one of the leading global asset managers in structured credit. "As an active manager of our CDO portfolios, we have a varied and unpredictable demand on our systems depending on the market conditions. meets that demand for our utilization spikes with an efficient and cost effective infrastructure."

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