Mellon GSL enhances online information delivery platform

Source: Mellon Global Securities Lending

Mellon Global Securities Lending (Mellon GSL) today announced the successful launch of a major enhancement to its online information delivery platform, making account information available to clients in a form compatible with the robust analytical and reporting capabilities of Mellon's Workbench asset servicing platform.

Clients will now be able to use Workbench's extensive array of tools to obtain detailed information and manage the preparation and distribution of customized reports related to their securities lending program.

Fully integrated into Workbench's extensive reporting functionalities and services, the new Mellon GSL information delivery enhancements provide clients with a single, unified view of key financial data related to their accounts, and allow them to apply a variety of parameters in filtering the data to report on key aspects of their portfolio. File sharing and automatic scheduling and information distribution tools allow clients to create these reports automatically and store them in report folders that can be easily accessed for future reference.

"Presenting securities lending information to our clients in a form compatible with the extraordinarily robust data analysis and reporting capabilities of Workbench takes the information delivery aspect of our service to an entirely new level," said Tom Daniels, Mellon GSL first vice president and director of new business development. "Whatever their interest - performance of individual accounts, cash collateral positions, and revenue derived from specific holdings, to cite just a few obvious areas of client focus - these new Workbench-based enhancements gives clients the flexibility to create customized reports unique to their needs, and have them prepared, saved, printed and distributed automatically with no further intervention on their part," Daniels added.

The integration of Mellon's securities lending data with the on-line reporting capabilities of Workbench enables clients to select and filter on a wide variety of parameters (e.g. Date, Security ID, Asset Class), and provides them with the ability to export in multiple formats, including PDF, XLS, CSV. Additional reporting enhancements, including the introduction of additional graphical elements, are anticipated as part of the next release of Mellon GSL's information reporting system scheduled for later this year.

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