Belzberg adds OMS and IM based trading to HyTS Terminal

Source: Belzberg Technologies

Belzberg Technologies and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) announced today the release of options Order Management System (OMS), the latest enhancement to the Belzberg HyTS Terminal. OMS provides seamless routing of orders to the CBOE and any other U.S. options exchange or designated broker. The new system also provides straight-through processing (STP) with brokers' back office systems.

The new OMS offers users a variety of options including the choice of electronic routing or manual order handling, the ability to divide an order, and to utilize sweep functionality. All messaging is real time, and the system allows Compliance officers to view in-house trading activity using a simple, web-based order monitoring screen. Customers can view the live status of their orders using a similar web-based tool.

Belzberg is also introducing ChatTrader and ChatBlaster instant message (IM) based trading systems, allowing Belzberg HyTS Terminal users to receive option and equity orders directly from customers using AOL, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, iChat, or other IM based systems. ChatBlast also gives HyTS Terminal users the ability to send indications of interest (IOI) to lists of their customers who may respond instantly using their IM systems.

ChatTrader and ChatBlaster utilize Belzberg's new ChatSyntax, a concise IM trade recognition language that provides quick and easy order input and is consistent across all financial instruments. ChatSyntax also supports short sale rules and option chain lookups.

Belzberg HyTS Terminals are made available through Belzberg's affiliate Electronic Brokerage Systems.

"The ability for customers to send orders to CBOE floor brokers or to upstairs brokers from within their IM window takes full advantage of the CBOE Hybrid Trading System, which combines a vibrant trading floor community with the advantages of electronic trading, all on a single platform," said Sidney H. Belzberg, Chairman and CEO of Belzberg Technologies.

"Belzberg Technologies has continued to add features to the Belzberg HyTS Terminal that increase efficiency and ease of access for our members and customers. These new features will further enhance the customer experience for existing, as well as new, HyTS Terminal users," said Edward Provost, CBOE Executive Vice President, Business Development.

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