Wombat and Voltaire claim 'Data Fabric' breakthrough

Source: Wombat

Wombat Financial Software, the high performance trading technology specialists, today unveiled the next generation of their messaging platform, dubbed Wombat Data Fabric. Over a year in development in partnership with Voltaire, a provider of InfiniBand-based grid backbone solutions, this new technology is based on open standards and proves that proprietary “appliance” approaches taken by some firms attempting to improve messaging capacity are not necessary. Wombat Data Fabric can sustain more than one million 200-byte messages per second over a Voltaire switch in less than 100 microseconds using commodity hardware.

The vast leap in throughput comes 18 months after the two firms embarked on an extensive research and development project to provide a native InfiniBand middleware version of the Wombat Messaging Platform using Voltaire's software libraries. Wombat Data Fabric significantly reduces latency and latency volatility and dramatically increases CPU performance and system throughput. The result is a solution that can satisfy the performance demands of the front office, while providing a crucial tool to help IT managers reduce their data center footprint.

"We used the term "next generation" some 5 years ago when we flattened the prevailing market data distribution architecture because it was a true inflection point, and one that allowed us to capture leadership in the market," remarked Danny Moore, Wombat's COO. "Today we're announcing an architecture that is every bit as disruptive. We believe the notion that customers must sacrifice the manageability and low cost of open hardware platforms to achieve seven figure throughput at blisteringly low latencies is a myth."

"Wombat's new messaging platform unleashes application performance by taking advantage of the high performance and low latency of Voltaire's switching and software platform," said Amir Prescher, Vice President of Business Development, Voltaire. "We look forward to introducing the solution to our joint financial services customers."

Wombat and Voltaire have embarked on a joint pilot program to which a limited number of customers will be admitted. Full commercial release is expected this year. Wombat Data Fabric will be an integral part of the Wombat Platform, compatible with the current version of the MAMA API, and thereby offering out of the box support for Wombat's feed handlers, entitlements, SuperBook™ and Acumen™ solutions, and full suite of management tools.

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