Fronde Anywhere launches TwoSecure Enterprise to boost remote working security

Source: Fronde Anywhere

Fronde Anywhere, a provider of mobile banking, payment and two factor authentication solutions, has unveiled TwoSecure Enterprise Edition.

Part of Fronde Anywhere's TwoSecure product line, the Enterprise Edition follows the recent launch of the TwoSecure Bank Edition, which provides additional identity verification for online banking log-in and transactions. The company has already secured deals for this enterprise security solution with several organisations including a leading French commercial bank.

The TwoSecure product line provides an easy to use application that generates one time passwords (OTPs) via an application that is stored on the mobile phone. TwoSecure is particularly suited for organisations seeking a secure two factor authentication solution that is easy to support and to distribute to large numbers of customers or staff. These organisations include banks looking to provide additional security for online banking customers; government agencies seeking to provide the public or staff with secure access to government services online; or large enterprises with staff that require remote access to critical business applications and data.

TwoSecure Enterprise Edition prevents enterprise security from being compromised by giving employees a second level of authentication when they remotely access the corporate network and business systems. By generating OTPs for network access, it enables organisations to overcome security issues associated with remote working. Additionally it reduces distribution costs by eliminating the requirement to provide or replace hardware tokens.

"As the Swiss army knife of the future, it makes sense for the mobile phone to become the provider of two factor authentication," said Caroline Dewe, executive vice president for products and marketing at Fronde Anywhere. "TwoSecure Enterprise provides a flexible, easy to use solution to the security headache and risk of fraudsters gaining access to the corporate network -enabling organisations to gain the full benefits of remote working in terms of flexibility and productivity."

Combining static and transient credentials, TwoSecure Enterprise Edition makes it extremely difficult for unauthorised third parties to assume an employee's identity - protecting the organisation's data and systems from malicious damage.

TwoSecure Enterprise is quick and cost-effective to implement because it integrates easily with existing systems and security measures. An easy to use Java application is deployed to users' mobile phones, which then generates an OTP. Employees must not only know their user name and password to access the network, but they must also be in possession of the mobile phone with that unique OTP. Employees benefit from having no additional devices to carry and no extra passwords to remember, while organisations benefit from an additional layer of security with minimal cost.

TwoSecure Enterprise can be integrated with existing authentication servers and additional layers of security can also be added, such as out of band responses and pin protection of the OTP. System administrators can remotely suspend or disable individual users. They can also configure the length of the OTP, as well as the amount of time it is valid for. The mobile Java application can be branded with the corporate logo, colours and font styles.

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