Berlin Stock Exchange rebrands as Börse Berlin

Source: Börse Berlin

From now on the Berlin Stock Exchange will have only one name: Börse Berlin. Henceforth both the private corporation and the exchange which is governed by public law will be united under only one roof-brand: "Börse Berlin".

The annulment of the treaty was the last hurdle on the way to renaming the stock exchange in "Börse Berlin". The name "Börse Berlin-Bremen" now formally belongs to the past.

The regained clarity in the name is also reflected in the new public appearance. The exchange logo and colours have been newly designed. The clearness and modernity are symbolized through the lettering and the grey colour. The dynamic of exchange trading is symbolized by the red arrows. With the new logo the exchange disengages itself from traditional elements present in the old logo. The former optical allusion to the old originally hexagonal exchange floor has been relinquished.

Establishment of an exchange information center: The Börse Berlin is opening itself up to private investors in a new and practical way. Simultaneously with the new name "Börse Berlin" the starting signal was given for the construction of an exchange information center. The exchange shall again be visible at the Ludwig Erhard Building - the seat of the Börse Berlin. The exchange information center will be constructed as an information center for anyone interested in exchange trading. At the heart of the services offered will be stock price information and corporate news. Modern information systems will allow quick access to market data. In addition to modern technology, the exchange plans to staff the information center to answer questions regarding the exchange and exchange trading.

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