Banque Finama moves to intelligent account management with NetManage SOA

Source: NetManage Inc

NetManage, Inc. (NasdaqGM:NETM), a software company that provides the fastest way to transform legacy applications into new Web-based business solutions, today announced that Banque Finama, a leading commercial bank in France, has deployed NetManage OnWeb to reorganize and unify the various business processes associated with its 21,000 customer accounts. In introducing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for integrating and manipulating the components of its IT system, OnWeb allows Banque Finama's 200 employees to work simultaneously with the firm's banking software and its CRM application.

"We were faced with a real functionality problem. The architecture of our IT system and its constituent applications were configured in a complicated and restrictive manner," said Wilfried Santorin, chief project manager, DSIO, Banque Finama. "We quickly realized the need to use OnWeb to unify processes and manage the relationships between them."

The development of new IT infrastructure, coupled with the deployment of a brand-new CRM application, made the creation of an SOA for its banking software a complicated business for Banque Finama. Mainframe applications coexisted but did not communicate with each other, forcing bank employees to consult multiple applications to obtain the information necessary to complete client transactions.

Banque Finama turned to OnWeb to create Web applications for the delivery of immediate, real-time critical information to employees, partners and customers with the simplicity of an Internet connection. OnWeb provided backend integration capabilities for a fast and simple implementation, while the accompanying developer toolkit features tools and resources for easily customizing the look and feel of each screen, shielding end-users from the complexity of host access.

After four days of development, the IT services of Banque Finama were able to unify the bank's business transactions with OnWeb and in eight weeks deployed a new architecture based on the simultaneous use of the existing banking and CRM systems. Banque Finama employees can now access the SAB banking system information through its CRM application, Conso+, while the various security policies associated with access to client accounts and user authentication remain intact. Ultimately, Banque Finama is now able to serve customers and partners efficiently and immediately, while also relieving the large time and manpower investment at the company call center.

"With this project, we realized the power of how a platform like OnWeb can be applied. With NetManage we have successfully moved from Webification to the aggregation of work processes. This transition allowed us to see how we will be able to integrate new IT applications with our existing architecture in the future," said Wilfried Santorin, chief project manager, DSIO, Banque Finama.

"The NetManage OnWeb solution provided Banque Finama with an efficient answer to the problems it faced regarding interoperability and de-coupling the business processes that made up its information system," said Philippe Sebag, director, France, NetManage. "This project is an interesting example that demonstrates how the development of an IT system can be optimized without incurring a great expense. That dilemma is solved by the clear benefits of NetManage SOA solutions."

OnWeb is a server-based software solution that allows companies to quickly Web enable legacy and host applications, without the high cost of modifying their back-end systems. OnWeb offers a comprehensive development and deployment platform that enables businesses to create new business services by leveraging existing enterprise information systems (host/legacy applications, ERPs, CRMs, SCMs, and databases) in a non-invasive manner with unprecedented flexibility and deployment speed. OnWeb enables enterprises to change the way they think of their IT infrastructure by facilitating easy access to new functional applications of existing IT systems.

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