Credit Suisse AES connects to FutureTrade

Source: FutureTrade

FutureTrade, a leading independent provider of electronic US equity and option and European equity execution services, today announced that Credit Suisse's clients can access its Advanced Execution Services algorithms, including CrossFinder, through FutureTrade's electronic trading platform.

This capability continues the ability of Credit Suisse clients to use the FutureTrade platform to access Credit Suisse's market leading algorithmic offerings.

CrossFinder, Credit Suisse's internal crossing network, anonymously matches buy and sell orders. As one of the world's largest internal crossing engines, CrossFinder offers clients immense liquidity, anonymity, and the ability to execute large blocks of stock with less impact than would be likely in the public markets.

"FutureTrade allows our clients to quickly access both traditional electronic networks as well as CrossFinder, all simultaneously from a single platform," said Guy Cirillo, AES Global Channel Sales Manager at Credit Suisse. "In addition, with Credit Suisse's proprietary algorithms built into the interface, we are giving our clients a true single-source solution for all their electronic equity trading needs in the major global markets," he added.

"We are delighted to add CrossFinder to the suite of AES algorithms that we have supported through our trading platform for a number of years," said Murray Finebaum, President of FutureTrade. "We look forward to working closely with Credit Suisse to support their algorithmic offerings as they continue to provide their clients with state of the art solutions."

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