Handelsbanken introduces card personalisation service in Sweden

Source: Handelsbanken

Handelsbanken is the first bank in Sweden to offer its customers the opportunity to choose their own image on their payment and credit cards.

The service is being launched on 12 June for the Allkort MasterCard and Allkort Visa cards. "So our customers will not only have the best cards on the market - they will also have the prettiest. At least if you ask the customers themselves," says Stefan Holes, head of Handelsbanken's card issuing unit.

The card-holder can choose one of his or her own digitial photos, or an image from Handelsbanken's picture gallery.

"Of course, Handelsbanken works with individualised customer offerings right across the board. Our customers' dreams, opportunties and goals are all unique - and we adapt our offering on the basis of these. Therefore, there's a certain symbolism in having unique card images chosen by customers," says Stefan.

Customers can select or change the images simply via the Bank's online service. During the autumn, the Bank will also launch customised card images for the Bankkort MasterCard, Bankkort Visa and Bankkort Maestro cards.

Handelsbanken already offers customised card images in Norway, and will soon be launching the service in Denmark, too.

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