Voltrex launches online FX service

Source: Voltrex

Voltrex, the FSA regulated alternative investment and brokerage services specialist, today announces the launch of a complete and competitive Foreign Exchange service to meet the needs of financial institutions, corporates and private individuals.

Voltrex FX, the foreign exchange arm of Voltrex Ltd provides a premier forex service including highly competitive exchange rates, reliable international money transfers and ground breaking technology, also available online.

Graham Farrow, Managing Director, Voltrex Foreign Exchange, commented: "More and more multi-national and financial companies recognize foreign exchange as a vital part of their business. Exposure to the volatile international currency markets represents a significant risk to companies operating globally.

"Many large corporate companies have professional foreign exchange management teams in house. This is simply not cost effective for smaller companies who can't justify the HR expense or technology investment. This is where Voltrex FX can add value. Outsourcing their foreign exchange execution to us allows our clients to access all the expertise and experience they need to help them control and profit from their international transactions."

Key features include:
  • Competitive exchange rates - VFX has access to interbank FX rates drastically cutting commission layers and thereby achieving highly competitive rates.
  • Leading technology - VFX has state of the art systems which access the currency markets directly on a real time basis minimizing time, cost and currency risk. VFX's online ordering technology allows users to easily access currency services online, an alternative and additional approach to traditional voice broking.
  • Efficient settlement services - VFX operates cutting edge back office systems to ensure swift delivery of payments to any worldwide destination. All US/CAD Dollars, Euro and GBP payments can be instructed for same day value.
  • Professional service - Voltrex FX assigns a dedicated trader to each client, whose remit is to get to know their business thoroughly assessing current and future exposures, preparing bespoke strategies to protect against potential risk and optimize the timing of their transactions. Fuurthermore the trader will maintain a proactive communication of market conditions and continuously review and evaluate the effectiveness of each strategy.
  • Strong corporate governance - Voltrex Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and runs its operations in accordance with regulatory good practice. In keeping with the FSA regulations, all client money (with the exception of margin money) is kept separate in designated segregated Client accounts. Voltrex Ltd is a member of several international exchanges including Eurex and Euronext.liffe.
  • An extensive product range including spot contracts, same-day contracts, forward contracts, limit orders.

Graham Farrow added: "VFX provides clients with the means to control and benefit from their foreign exchange exposure. This is achieved at no extra cost to the client, by providing cost effective and commercial foreign exchange rates. With a team of experienced dealers, VFX is in a position to alert clients to present and future currency market movements and fluctuations; offering expert opinion at every turn to help clients navigate the world's largest and most liquid market. With over 60 years of industry experience our team offers a one stop solution for all companies, financial institutions and private individuals' foreign exchange needs."

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