Skyler Technology releases algo trading suite

Source: Skyler Technology

Skyler Technology, an innovator in providing ultra low latency trading solutions, is proud to introduce the Skyler C3 Solutions Suite.

The suite is comprised of 3 solutions, the Skyler C3 Liquidity Discovery, Skyler C3 Algorithmic Container, and Skyler C3 Smart Order Routing Solutions, which will be showcased at the 2007 SIFMA Technology Management Conference. These solutions address the need for plug'n'play applications that serve very specific needs in low latency trading and significantly reduce development costs and time to deployment.

The individual solutions are aimed at areas within trading systems that require ultra low latency, high throughput rates, and smart data processing. The Liquidity Discovery, Algorithmic Container, and Smart Order Routing Solutions provide traders with the knowledge to decide what, when, and where to trade. Individual solutions are optimized for speed, flexibility, and ease of use and can be easily and quickly integrated into existing real-time trading systems. Together, Skyler's new ultra low latency trading solutions deliver a comprehensive framework to source liquidity, trigger smarter trading decisions, and achieve higher fill rates at better prices.

"We see a number of companies that lack the resources to build each component of the trading system from scratch. Skyler's off-the-shelf solutions allow our customers to quickly deploy trading components while maintaining sufficient flexibility and openness to deliver a highly competitive product to their customers," explains Michael Lenahan, Senior Vice President of Skyler.

Skyler's C3 Liquidity Discovery Solution allows Skyler's customers to gain insights into the fragmented liquidity pools, rapidly analyze the situation, and act upon it. The solution leverages Skyler's ultra low latency order book aggregation capability and combines it with off-the-shelf adapters, venue specific business logic, and an indicator calculation framework. The Skyler C3 Liquidity Solution is a dynamic offering that can be applied in the context of algorithmic trading and smart order routing applications.

The Skyler C3 Algorithmic Container Solution provides a comprehensive framework to run custom analytics over streaming, merged, and cached market data in real time. The custom algorithms can be configured or executed as part of the data flow or in an ad hoc manner. In addition, third party libraries can be used to define and execute the logic. The Algorithmic Container Solution is designed to support the decision of what and when to trade. It is also used to develop calculation engines or algorithmic trading systems.

An instrumental tool for grabbing liquidity, the Skyler C3 Smart Order Routing Solution slices and routes orders to different execution venues according to custom business logic in order to achieve better prices and higher fill rates without moving the market. Using a smart order routing application internally is not only a requirement to be RegNMS compliant but allows brokers to significantly lower the overall latency to access the market and reduces execution costs while improving trading efficiency.

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