InfoDyne receives 'platinum' authorisation from Bloomberg

Source: InfoDyne Corporation

InfoDyne Corporation, a leading provider of ticker plant, direct market access, and middleware technology for ultra low latency algorithmic trading, today announced it was awarded the highest level of authorization offered for vendors integrating with the Bloomberg B-Pipe data feed.

The InfoDyne solution is available today and the firm is actively working with a range of international customers to provide seamless integration into their existing systems and applications.

InfoDyne is one of the first vendors to achieve this level of vendor authorization from Bloomberg B-Pipe and represents comprehensive support for all data content, robustness, and integration capabilities expected by Bloomberg. InfoDyne's solution was achieved in large part through much of the functionality that previously existed within its proven TPS+Plus direct exchange feed ticker plant system. InfoDyne has also completed support for Bloomberg's B-Pipe On-Demand feed, which is also based on the same implementation as InfoDyne's Platinum B-Pipe solution.

B-Pipe is a consolidated real-time, high-volume market data feed for enterprise use. B-Pipe leverages Bloomberg's existing infrastructure to offer unsurpassed functionality and data coverage. B-Pipe delivers every quote and every trade from over 200 Global Exchanges and 500 Contributors, as well as Bloomberg-proprietary data.

Among other things, this level of Bloomberg B-Pipe authorization ensures customers that InfoDyne's TPS+Plus B-Pipe solution supports the full depth and breadth of B-Pipe data, and can be fully tailored as an integration solution within customer's existing systems, including Reuters RMDS. For example, the solution can be easily configured to populate Reuter's desktop applications with data provided by B-Pipe as a backup source for market data.

InfoDyne's TPS+Plus offers interactive access to B-Pipe's extensive coverage within customer's existing systems and applications, and supports full entitlement and reporting capabilities both within TPS+Plus and RMDS's Open DACS system. Additionally, the solution can allow a single redundant B-Pipe feed to simultaneously feed multiple customer systems including all other middleware options supported by TPS+Plus. "Multi-platform integration is especially important to reduce the cost of deployment and ownership for customers, eliminating the need to deploy multiple B-Pipe feeds, equipment, software, and management capabilities," said Bob Barton, VP of Sales at InfoDyne.

"Our customers will certainly benefit from all the hard work that went into achieving Platinum Certification with Bloomberg B-Pipe," said Guy Tagliavia, President and CEO of InfoDyne. "We are looking forward to working with Bloomberg and our common customers to roll the solution out to the market in a big way," added Tagliavia.

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