Western Union opens operating centre in Philippines

Source: Western Union

The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU), a global leader in money transfer services, today opened the Asia Regional Operating Centre (AROC) in Metro Manila, Philippines, to better serve its customers and Agents in the fast-growing Asia Pacific markets.

The new regional operating centre will play a significant role in ensuring that consumer transactions are managed in a fast, reliable and convenient way.

Asia Pacific is a significant growth market for Western Union. Migration of skilled workers is a common occurrence in the region, creating economic opportunities for the countries in which these individuals find work and for their countries of origin through remittances sent to loved ones back home. These trends create tremendous growth opportunities for Western Union in both send and receive countries.

The AROC will provide dedicated customer service, Agent support, and backroom operations for 37 countries and territories in the region, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling Western Union to deliver strong service quality focusing on consistency, efficiency and effectiveness.

"Demanding and competitive commercial environments mean that offering the highest standard of customer service - whatever the customer touchpoint - is crucial," said David Larkworthy, senior vice president and head of global operations. "Locating AROC here not only shows our confidence in the Philippines, it also demonstrates our faith in its workforces' ability to deliver quality service - all of the time."

Philippines Trade and Industry Secretary Peter Favila added: "We are extremely pleased that Western Union, a significant global player in the financial industry, has chosen to consolidate and centralize their regional support for both Agents and customers in the Philippines. This reaffirms the fact that the Philippines is well-poised as a preferred location for Southeast Asia's hub for call center services."

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