SuperDerivatives signs Iceland's Landsbanki

Source: SuperDerivatives

SuperDerivatives, the benchmark for options and the leading derivatives solution provider for multi-asset option pricing, independent revaluation, trading and risk management systems, today announced that Landsbanki, Iceland's second largest bank, is deploying its real-time multi-asset pricing and analytics platform.

The global deployment involves trading, sales and structuring desks of its international banking division using multiple modules within the platform including equities, commodities, currencies and interest rates.

"One of the major reasons we selected SuperDerivatives' multi-asset system is that it enables our sales team to get competitive prices for derivatives products on all asset classes. SuperDerivatives' multi-asset system empowers our team to provide a complete service to our buy-side clients and meet their needs for various products. We operate in an extremely competitive landscape and in order to win business we need to constantly provide outstanding service, be creative and offer competitive pricing. Additionally, the multi-asset system enables us to offer cross-asset structures to clients," said Arnar Jonsson, Head of FX and Derivative Sales, Landsbanki. "Ultimately, the platform enhances our options business through increased price transparency, advanced marketing tools and customized hedging strategies. These capabilities are imperative for growing a competitive, profitable derivatives business."

The SuperDerivatives real-time pricing platforms include a variety of productivity-enhancing front-office utilities. Sales personnel are able to provide clients with value-added services such as mark-to-market and risk analysis of their portfolios, while unified sales tools across the whole bank strengthen bank branding. Collaborative on-line trading and real-time messaging tools further increase productivity between the bank clients and sales, and between sales and trading desks.

Udi Sela, EMEA Head of Product Services, SuperDerivatives said, "Landsbanki is rapidly realizing the benefits of our multi-asset real-time pricing and analytics productivity platform and has chosen to adopt the system throughout its organization. Global banks and smaller regional banks now understand that in order to achieve their aggressive growth and profitability goals, sales desks need to be equipped with best-of-breed platforms. With that in mind SuperDerivatives has developed a platform that is designed for wide multi-asset coverage, accelerated learning curve, collaboration, and personal and group efficiency. Banks that have deployed the platform attest to productivity gains that translate into significant sales and profit growth within a short time."

SuperDerivatives' products, including real-time pricing and analytics systems, risk management systems, portfolio revaluation services, options market data portal and online trading capabilities, are used by numerous companies from both the buy and sell side. Its pricing platforms are used by virtually all banks that trade options, as well as by numerous corporations, asset managers, hedge funds, auditors and central banks.

The SuperDerivatives' benchmark option pricing model is the only publicly available and market tested model whose accuracy in generating real market prices for all types of derivatives has been proven and validated continuously for several years.

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